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Press Release
Flooding in the streets of Quelimane, in Zambezia. Photo: Oxfam

Tropical storm Dando and cyclone Funso affected more than 117,000 people and left 40 dead in Mozambique last week. Oxfam and local partners are providing water and sanitation in Zambezia, to help reduce the risk of cholera and other sanitation-related disease.

Press Release

Ahead of a high level Global Partnership for Education (GPE) meeting in Copenhagen today, Oxfam has called for rich country donors and the World Bank to put money on the table for basic education.

Press Release
Nurse, Margaret Ganga, takes the blood pressure of Grace Banda, who had a caesarian section after difficulties during labour at Bwalia 'Bottom' Hospital in Lilongwe, Malawi. Credit: Abbie Trayler-Smith/Oxfam

Failure to provide free public healthcare in poor countries means that millions of people are paying with their lives, according to a research report published today by a group of 62 NGOs and health unions.

Madjuta Chauque, 23, waits for the results of his HIV test at the satellite health post, Machaze, Mozambique, August 2007. Credit:  Steve Simon/Oxfam

Aid from Italy and other rich countries has been vital in helping the Mozambican government tackle poverty.

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