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Campaign article
Victoria Asalyinga, a rice farmer in Bolgatanga, Upper East Region, Ghana.

Higher food prices have pushed millions of people in developing countries further into hunger and poverty. Here are some recent examples of small farmers in Ghana trying to cope, and what Oxfam is doing to help.

Joanna Manu. Credit: Oxfam

Joanna Manu had attended a training session with Oxfam America’s partner WACAM, where she learned that farmers can only be removed from their land if they have been compensated for it. Now, she defends her rights and stands firm in protecting the environment in her community.

Campaign article
Rice farmers harvesting in  Astuare, Ghana. Credit: Chris Young/Oxfam

For millions of farmers like Al-Hassan across Africa, Asia, and Latin America, growing rice is their only hope for getting out of poverty. However, cheap imports are undermining their prospects of a better life.

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