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Meet Liqaa' is a 23 year old refugee from Syria, now living in Za'atari refugee camp, in Jordan, and the face of the joint agency petition calling for Syria peace talks now.



19 March 2014

The escalating violence that has gripped Darfur in recent weeks has forced over 100,000 civilians to flee their homes and villages. Oxfam has launched a response aimed at reaching more than 90,000 people with critical humanitarian aid.

12 March 2014

More than 65 per cent of refugees surveyed by Oxfam fear they may not be able to go back to Syria despite desperately wanting to return. There is an urgent need for Geneva peace process to be kick-started as well as improved response from donor countries to UN’s humanitarian appeal.

10 February 2014

Violence in Central African Republic has seen many large traders and herders targeted and chased from the country, raising fears of a market collapse  that would exacerbate the current food crisis.

6 February 2014

Three months after Typhoon Haiyan hit, Oxfam has been able reach more than 547,000 people with emergency relief. This video gives a snapshot of our humanitarian response.

6 February 2014

The huge humanitarian response in the aftermath of November’s super typhoon saved thousands of lives but three months on, the poorest coconut farmers, traders and fisherpeople are being left out of the recovery effort.

In depth

In depth

Post-Haiyan Reconstruction in the Philippines
12 February 2014
Post-Haiyan reconstruction in the Philippines
12 February 2014
Four priorities for better governance in Mali
5 February 2014
Recommendations for the UN Security Council on the 2014 UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) mandate
31 January 2014
Searching for protection in eastern DRC
27 January 2014

We are working to provide water, sanitation and hygiene facilities for thousands of refugees living in Bubukwanga transit center, western Uganda.

Children looking at a crescent moon.

More than 1.8 million Syrians have fled their homes and are now living in neighboring countries. Life is tough and the month of Ramadan makes them think of home more than ever.

Children collecting water from taps, Bulengo camp, DRC. Photo: Eddy Mbuyi/Oxfam

To provide water to over 45,000 displaced Congolese in the Bulengo Camp, in DRC, Oxfam set up a water piping system to pump water straight from Lake Kivu, into a tank and to the taps.

A short film about guns.

"A Short Film About Guns" examines the illegal arms trade and how it functions across the globe, features four experts on arms trafficking who recount their varying first hand experiences with the black market trade in areas of conflict.