Timor-Leste (East Timor)


Timor Leste covers the eastern part of the island of Timor, and includes the small island of Atauro and the geographically separate enclave district of Oecusse – located in the western part of the island, in Indonesian West Timor.

Timor Leste is a small country with a growing economy, fuelled largely by its natural oil and gas resources.  Despite this growth however, Timor-Leste remains one of the poorest countries in Asia with its non-oil sector contracting causing widespread inequality. 

Inequality is most prevalent between rural and urban areas, Timor Leste has a severe lack of rural development and as a result rural populations have been left marginalized and living in poverty.

Oxfam in Timor Leste

Oxfam’s programs in Timor Leste focus on the need for rural development to address the issue of poverty and the inequality between rural and urban areas.  We also work to strengthen development capacity and to create stronger alliances and partnerships with other countries and governments.

We work with over 60 partners to improve the wellbeing of rural men and women by promoting active citizenship.  This is achieved through the strengthening of civil society's powers to influence processes that ensure national policies and practices help poor populations.