Young women responding to the camera as they wait for water.
We're inspiring the next generation of leaders.

Youth outreach

Youth in both the developed and the developing world are the future leaders who will take forward the work of eradicating global poverty. They have ideas and commitment, they have dedication and passion and most important of all they have the determination for changing the present state of affairs.

Through outreach programs, Oxfam hopes to engage young people in ideas, debate and action to address the inequalities that underlie poverty and injustice around the world. We believe that by enhancing their knowledge and capacity we are ensuring that the programs we support can be led by the people we plan to impact.

What does this mean? Oxfam sponsors programs to enable people to:

  • Develop their leadership capacity
  • Become involved in initiatives that deepen their understanding of responsibility and rights
  • Develop networks locally and internationally
  • Take greater control over their lives and actively engage in their communities and the wider society

Global citizenship

Here are some ways young people can contribute to their local and global community and become an active force for social change.

The Oxfam International Youth Partnership is a global network of young people in 150 countries who are working for positive, equitable and sustainable change. Since 2000 hundreds of young people who have taken part in OIYP programs are now actively working in their own communities on a range of initiatives to fight poverty and injustice.

Oxfam's CHANGE Initiative is a highly competitive national program that trains college students to become actively engaged in Oxfam America's social justice mission. CHANGE develops capable leaders, who are informed voices for positive social change, and who inspire greater global awareness in others.

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