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Woman villager cutting wood in Pelalawan District, Riau province, Sumatra island

Spotlight on Kellogg and General Mills; companies not doing enough to tackle climate change.

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African farmer. Photo: Oxfam

In 2003, African leaders pledged to invest more in agriculture - eight of them did, but 46 have not kept their promises. 2014 is the African Union Year of Agriculture, so let’s come together and tell them to act.

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A farmer sits on his parched paddy field. Photo: EPA/STR

All countries will have to contribute their fair share in cutting global emissions, says Oxfam in reaction to the IPCC report on mitigation, which was launched today.

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Nelmo Ramos coffee producer (Olopa, Guatemala). Photo: Saul Martinez/Oxfam

Countries across the world must play their fair part in cutting emissions if we are to reduce the harmful impacts of climate change on global food supply, worldwide development organization Oxfam warns today.

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People fleeing floods in India, August 2012. Photo: Oxfam

Today, the world’s top scientists published a devastating report on the impacts of climate change. These activists, renowned chefs, musicians and celebrities have joined Oxfam calling for action on climate change and hunger now.

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Yeb Sano, Climate Change Commissioner, Philippines, explains how climate change is making people hungry and exhorts the world to fight it together.

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