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Overcoming inequality and slowing global warming are imperative for achieving a world free from poverty and suffering, says an Oxfam report released today.

Press Release

Sipho Mthathi has been appointed the founding Executive Director of Oxfam South Africa. Oxfam South Africa will become the first-ever Oxfam affiliate in Africa.

Policy Paper
Two former workers take a short cut through the grounds of Vyshnevolotsky.
Press Release
Nelmo Ramos coffee producer (Olopa, Guatemala). Photo: Saul Martinez/Oxfam

Countries across the world must play their fair part in cutting emissions if we are to reduce the harmful impacts of climate change on global food supply, worldwide development organization Oxfam warns today.

Press Release
Alfonso, Feliciano and Carmen harvest the paddy fields in Sobrenia.

Climate change could put back the fight against hunger by decades but our global food system is woefully unprepared to cope with the challenge.

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