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Washington DC

Press Release | 19 September 2013
New analysis shows France, Qatar, Russia are all giving less than half of their fair share Beirut: Research carried out by international aid agency Oxfam reveals that many donor countries are failing...
New Oxfam research reveals that many donor countries are failing to provide their share of the urgently-needed funding for the humanitarian response to the Syria crisis.
Media Reaction | 31 July 2013
In reaction to the UN’s peacekeeping mission (MONUSCO’s) announcement on the enforcement of a security zone and call for disarmament in Goma and Sake, Oxfam's humanitarian program coordinator in DRC...
Media Reaction | 16 July 2013
The UN announced that up to 100,000 have died as a result of the Syria crisis.  Claire Seaward, Campaigns and Advocacy Manager for Oxfam's Syria Response: “One hundred thousand deaths is a...
Media Reaction | 6 June 2013
International agency Oxfam urged governments to fund generously the UN’s appeal for the Syrian crisis both for work within Syria and for work in neighboring countries sheltering refugees. “We are...
Press Release | 3 June 2013
Millions of lives to be protected as poorly regulated arms trade is brought under control History will be made today at the United Nations as many governments sign an Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) designed...
History will be made today at the United Nations as many governments sign an Arms Trade Treaty designed to protect millions living in daily fear of armed violence.

Oxfam International’s International Financial Institutions advocacy office in Washington D.C (focused primarily on the World Bank and International Monetary Fund) works to influence key decision-makers to ensure that these organizations provide more and better financing and advice to help poor countries to overcome poverty.

The office works to persuade the World Bank to be more poverty focused, aim to fight inequality, ensure universal access to essential services (particularly health and education);  to fight effectively against climate change; and to ensure that there is better investment in agriculture in developing countries and better policies on land.

We also aim to promote more participatory, transparent and accountable decision-making, from the country level up to the Bank and Fund Boards.

The IFI office works together with Oxfam’s seventeen affiliates around the world. We also join forces with allied NGOs and civil society organizations.