Oxfam's Janna Hamilton administering first aid. Credit: Jane Ussher/Oxfam
Oxfam has been providing clean water, blankets, hygiene kits and other vital provisions

Asia-Pacific Disasters

As storms and earthquakes hit the Asia-Pacific region, Oxfam has been working tirelessly to bring relief to tens of thousand of people.

From Samoa to the Philippines to Indonesia and Vietnam, Oxfam has been providing clean water, blankets, hygiene kits and other vital provisions to local communities that desperately need them. 

 REUTERS/Muhammad Fitrah/Singgalang Newspaper, courtesy of alertnet.orgIndonesia earthquake

A devastating 7.6 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of the Indonesian island of Sumatra on 30 September 2009, killing at least 1,000 people and affecting thousands more. We are working with local organizations in West Sumatra distributing 2,400 sheets of tarpaulins for emergency shelter, as well as hygiene kits and clothing. Oxfam already had stocks of emergency aid in the area for this type of disaster.

On Sunday 4 October we activated one water tanker that can deliver 5,000 liters, and we are flying in three water purification plants to provide clean water for more than 40,000 people.

 REUTERS/Rey Bruna, courtesy of alertnet.orgTyphoon Ketsana: Philippines

Typhoon Ketsana hit the Philippines on 26 September, forcing thousands of people from their homes in the Philippines capital Manila. We have sent an aid team to the flood-affected areas and are providing emergency shelter, and hygiene and sanitation kits to 100,000 of the worst affected people.

 REUTERS/Kham, courtesy of alertnet.orgTyphoon Ketsana: Vietnam

At least 66 people were killed when Typhoon Ketsana hit Vietnam on September 29. Over 310,000 people were evacuated before and during the typhoon and were hosted in public buildings such as schools and office buildings. Hundreds of the thousands of homes were damaged and flooded. Around 6,000 houses were completely washed away. Crops and large numbers of livestock have also been lost in the flooding.

We have sent an 11-strong team of aid experts to the storm-hit province of Kon Tum in central Vietnam. They will carry out an assessment of needs and start initial response work immediately. Our planned $950,000 aid package is expected to reach 40,000 affected people over three-months with cash for food and household items, water supplies.

 OxfamTyphoon Ketsana: Cambodia

Typhoon Ketsana also hit Cambodia, causing widespread damage. At least 15 people have been reported dead and about 10,000 families are in need of urgent humanitarian aid.

Thousands of families are displaced and their livelihoods are badly affected. The flood waters also took away many cattle, destroyed crops, roads and other social infrastructure.

 Jane Ussher/OxfamSamoa Tsunami

On Wednesday 30 September a huge 8.3 magnitude earthquake triggered a tsunami that hit the Southern coasts of Samoa and American Samoa causing widespread destruction. Initial estimates are that 1000 families have been displaced with 32,000 affected. Our relief team is working alongside our Samoan partners to distribute basic supplies – drinking water, shoes, clothes, mats, sleeping bags and food – and is helping coordinate the international water and sanitation operation.


Oxfam affiliates have launched fund-raising appeals to call on the generosity of the public from all across the globe:

Please also consider making a donation to the general emergency fund of your nearest national Oxfam affiliate. Your money will be used to fund our emergency work worldwide. 

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Updated 6 October 2009

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