Young girl waits in line at Oxfam's cash distribution. Photo: Wolfgang Gressmann
Roughly 22% of the population are unable to produce or buy the food they need.

Yemen crisis

“Families are forcing their children to sleep during day to avoid hunger pains.”

Millions of people in Yemen are facing a severe humanitarian crisis, widespread hunger and chronic malnutrition. Oxfam is providing water, sanitation, hygiene and cash grants to some of the worst affected.

The situation

Yemen's political crisis last year increased hunger in the country as food and fuel prices surged. Hunger has doubled since 2009, and it is estimated that 10 million people – 44% of the population – do not have enough food to eat. According to the UN, malnutrition rates in some parts of the country are alarming, with one in three children severely malnourished. Millions of people cannot afford to buy enough food for their families, and many are close to breaking point.

Meanwhile, in the north and south of the country, nearly 465,000 people remain displaced by conflict between government forces and tribal groups.

While some reconstruction is being undertaken in Sa'ada, hundreds of thousands remain displaced and out of reach. Although some displaced people have returned home, many are prevented from doing so by ongoing insecurity and risks of unexploded land mines.

Map: Oxfam's Caroline Gluck in Yemen

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What Oxfam is doing

Overall we are aiming to support about 1 million people to meet their basic needs during this crisis. We have reached about 123,000 people so far.

Oxfam is responding to the rising hunger levels. In Hodeida, we have distributed cash transfers to 12,000 households (reaching approximately 100,000 people) who are suffering from hunger so they can access food and help reduce malnutrition levels.

In the south, we have been responding to the needs of 12,000 displaced people temporarily living in schools and camps in Aden. We continue to deliver water, sanitation and hygiene services to over 60,000 people living in camps and host communities in the north. Meanwhile in the remote northern areas of Amran and Sa'ada where it's difficult to access, we're working through partners to provide water and sanitation facilities.

We are helping hundreds of families who have returned to their homes to rebuild their livelihoods, by providing people with goats and fodder. We are also equipping people with basic entrepreneurial skills so they can begin new lives.


These Oxfam affiliates are running direct appeals:

Alternatively, you can make a donation to the general emergency fund of your nearest national Oxfam affiliate. Your money will be used to fund our emergency work worldwide, which includes responding in countries such as Yemen.

Over the coming months, we have plans in place to support the needs of up to 300,000 people should the current political situation deteriorate further and leave vulnerable people without the means to meet their basic needs.

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Updated 27 September

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