Working women demonstrate in the streets of Narayanganj, Bangladesh.
Challenging the causes of poverty is fundamental to achieving real change.

Active citizenship

People around the world are increasingly concerned with ensuring that human rights are not violated and that we win the fight against poverty.

Ideas, attitudes and beliefs are key to change. Supporting women and men to challenge the causes of poverty is fundamental to achieving real change.

When people speak out, change happens.

Global movement for change

Change needs engaged people both in the developing and the developed world. Our joint effort in eradicating poverty and making politicians accountable for global well being can be enormously successful if it is backed by genuine interest and passion for change  By being part of a global movement for change we are demanding justice to bring an end to persistent poverty, inequality and insecurity that affect the lives of billions of people.

This is active citizenship

There are many ways to get involved. Train as an Oxfam campaigner. Volunteer with your local Oxfam. Don’t want to leave the house? Read in depth about our policy work. Write to your favorite newspaper. Take action online.

We aim to show that poverty is not inevitable, and that justice is possible.

For this we need your help – please join us.