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The local Doctor in the Tiny village of Anjuman examines a 2 week old baby. The clinic was built by a French NGO. Up here there is no support from the ISAF for medical supplies. Afghanistan. Credit: Travis Beard/ Argus

Ordinary Afghans blame government weakness and corruption as the second most important factor behind the fighting, with the Taliban coming third, followed by interference by neighboring countries.

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The past three decades of war and disorder have had a devastating impact on the Afghan people. Here is their story.

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People walk in a street damaged by heavy rains in Verapaz, about 71 km (44 miles) east to San Salvador November 8, 2009. Credit: REUTERS/ Juan Carlos, Courtesy of Alertnet.org

Torrential rains and a slow-moving Hurricane Ida caused severe flooding in several regions of El Salvador over the weekend, resulting in more than 140 confirmed deaths, 60 people missing, and more than 12,900 people in shelters

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The Security Council has today reaffirmed its readiness and willingness to respond to situations where civilians are being targeted or humanitarian assistance is being obstructed.

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Children attending school beneath a tree. A project funded by Oxfam America and implemented by an Oxfam partner (DACAR) in Shamali (north Kabul). Credit: Kenny Rae/Oxfam

The new Afghan government must urgently devote greater resources to building up to 6,000 new schools, training upwards of 5,000 new midwives and professionalizing the police force, according to aid agencies working throughout Afghanistan.

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Boys in fighting poses at Magunga IDP (internally displaced people) camp in Goma, DRC. Credit: Liz Lucas/Oxfam

Today at the United Nation years of discussions and debates, the vast majority of governments – 153 in total – agreed a timetable to establish a "strong and robust" Arms Trade Treaty with the "highest common standards" to control international transfers of conventional arms.

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