Arms Trade Treaty

Arms Trade Treaty

Arms trade: Viktor Bout’s case no time to celebrate

Arms traffickers can too easily navigate the patchwork of national arms regulations, fuelling conflict while avoiding arrest and extradition, because countries have been too weak or reluctant to pass an international arms trade treaty, says international agency Oxfam.

Brokers Without Borders

On 11 December 2009 a 35 ton cache of conventional weapons left North Korea bound for Iran. The following day the arms were intercepted and seized by authorities in Thailand.

Loopholes expose New Zealand to illicit arms deals

In a new report released today, Oxfam exposes the weaknesses in New Zealand company law that enabled unscrupulous international arms brokers to drag the country into the deadly business of the illegal arms trade, highlighting the urgent need for a global Arms Trade Treaty.

World's biggest arms traders promise global arms treaty

Today at the United Nation years of discussions and debates, the vast majority of governments – 153 in total – agreed a timetable to establish a "strong and robust" Arms Trade Treaty with the "highest common standards" to control international transfers of conventional arms.

US joins Arms Trade Treaty talks, but at high price

New York: Today’s announcement by the USA of support for the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) was welcomed by Oxfam International and Amnesty International, warning that Washington’s support comes at a very high price. Giving any Member State veto power would weaken not strengthen future Treaty.


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