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Tahrir Square as Morsi elected Egypt's President/Abdel Rahman Youssef/Hoqook.com

Now that the Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate Mohammed Morsi has become Egypt’s new president, some fear the end of the revolution and the beginning of an Arab winter. Voices among Oxfam’s partners in Egypt, however, remain optimistic.

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A group of leading international humanitarian, development, social justice, environmental, and workers’ organisations today warned that next month’s UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) looks set to add almost nothing to global efforts to deliver sustainable development.

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Across the world people are coming together to demand that our leaders take action now to curb harmful emissions and pay to help countries adapt to climate change.


As citizens around the world witness the events which unfolded in Egypt on Friday February 11, Oxfam congratulates the Egyptian people and expresses its admiration and respect for all those who persisted in their call for freedom and democracy in a courageous and peaceful manner.

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Kenema, Sierra Leone diamond mine: Digging out the diamondiferous gravel. Credit: Crispin Hughes/Oxfam

Voluntary approaches to increasing transparent and accountable management of natural resources wealth are making sluggish progress. The Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative must put in place additional mandatory disclosure rules.

Working women demonstrate in the streets of Narayanganj, Bangladesh.

Oxfam aims to show that poverty is not inevitable, and that justice is possible. For this we need your help – please join us. When people speak out, change happens.

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