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Deysi Román at her stall in the municipal market. Photo: Wilton Castillo/Oxfam

More than 5,000 producers from San José Villanueva, La Libertad, are improving their livelihoods by participating in a project for empowerment and access to markets, land, and seeds.

Cuba farmers: Reyna and her twin daughters. Photo: Oxfam

We're working with the National Association of Small Farmers in Cuba to help women become food producers.

A man lifts a chicken into a shed. Photo: Oxfam

Oxfam works with local partners to provide training and vaccinations to smallholders chicken farmers to manage larger broods and turn the potential in their own backyards into a valuable source of income.

Irma Castillo Vargas. Photo: Oxfam

Irma was born in La Coaba, Guantanamo, in the eastern-most province of Cuba. But love of Candonquita and the years dedicated to working the land, she says, made her a Santiago native, a follower of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP), and very revolutionary.

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