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The strategy to end extreme poverty and support inclusive growth is an important milestone for the World Bank and Oxfam welcomes Jim Kim’s vision and commitment.

Press Release
People fleeing floods in India, August 2012. Photo: Oxfam

Ahead of the Annual Meetings, international agency Oxfam urged the World Bank to sharpen and swiftly move forward on the new strategy to end poverty by 2030 and boost shared prosperity.

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Hovels alongside gleaming wedding halls, Kabul, Afghanistan. Jason P. Howe/Oxfam

The UN General Assembly outcome document agreed today exposes the unevenness and gaps in achieving the MDGs between and within countries.

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Our Acting Country Director in Somalia, Ed Pomfret, explains why Barclay's must keep open the 'Somalia lifeline' of remittances.

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Photo of a rally.

If left unchecked, austerity policies could put between 15 and 25 million more Europeans at risk of poverty by 2025, bringing the number of people at risk of poverty in Europe up to 146 million.

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