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More than 18 million people in Sahel are facing a food crisis following erratic rains that have caused poor food harvests and water shortages.

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International agency Oxfam today warned that sanctions imposed on Mali could have devastating consequences on 3.5m people already at risk of hunger, if humanitarian needs are not safeguarded.

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Oxfam's Fred Perraut reports from Chad, one of several countries across the Sahel facing serious food shortages. Oxfam aims to reach around 1 million people with our emergency response.

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Louki Abdraman has lost most of his camels, in Chad. Photo: Andy Hall/Oxfam

Some 13 million people are at severe risk from a food crisis which is set to escalate into a full scale humanitarian emergency in the Sahel region of West and Central Africa if urgent action is not taken.

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Asha collects water in Lafole, Somalia, supplied by Oxfam & Oxfam partner SAACID

The international humanitarian response system will fail to cope with the expected rise in the number of people exposed to crises unless there are more resources closer to where disasters happen and there is more investment in preventing and reducing the risk of disasters, warns Oxfam.

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Six months since South Sudan’s independence, the world’s newest nation is struggling to cope with a major refugee crisis and massive internal displacement, international agency Oxfam said today.

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As more heads of state publicly support the military action in Somalia, Oxfam called on international leaders to refocus on addressing the crippling famine in the country.

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