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Jean Vierre Herve doing a disaster response training exercise to learn how to save lives in a flood. Credit: Abbie Trayler-Smith/Oxfam

The people of Haiti, having survived political turmoil, food insecurity and four hurricanes last year, could be pushed over the brink if world leaders do not act at the UN climate talks next month.

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Pre-positioned aid allowed Oxfam and our local partners to deliver emergency materials quickly to those in need, despite damage to roads and bridges. Credit: CORDES

The scenes from the floods and landslides that struck El Salvador last weekend reflect a storm of almost unbelievable intensity.

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People walk in a street damaged by heavy rains in Verapaz, about 71 km (44 miles) east to San Salvador November 8, 2009. Credit: REUTERS/ Juan Carlos, Courtesy of Alertnet.org

Torrential rains and a slow-moving Hurricane Ida caused severe flooding in several regions of El Salvador over the weekend, resulting in more than 140 confirmed deaths, 60 people missing, and more than 12,900 people in shelters

Press Release

A third tropical storm hit Haiti this week, further complicating efforts already underway to respond to the needs of those affected by Hurricane Gustav, said international agency, Oxfam today.

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