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Jane Barrett reports from Niger, which is going through a serious food crisis. Herders are desperately trying to feed their animals, but are now resorting to selling their emaciated livestock.

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Habiba Warsame, a herder in Somaliland, says she can’t remember when things were so bad. Credit: Caroline Gluck/Oxfam

November rains that were expected to ease the hunger crisis in East Africa have failed yet again in some of the worst hit areas. Millions of people face at least another six months of hunger and destitution.

At a cereal bank launched by the Center for Development Initiatives, an Oxfam partner, members show a sampling of the corn they have been able to save. Credit: Sarah Livingston/Oxfam America

Animal vaccinations and cereal banks help buffer communities from the trouble drought brings.

New animal feed saves time and money. Credit: Oxfam

Ho Thi Hom's life changed for the better when she joined the rice cultivation training in 2006; the activity was part of a market-based model by Oxfam Hong Kong and International Development Enterprises (IDE) which aimed to improve the incomes of 200 families.

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