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In 2011, Oxfam continued to deliver emergency water, sanitation, and public health work in Haiti, working with communities and local organizations to find more permanent solutions to meet long-term needs for these services. We also helped small businesses to flourish in the city and the countryside.

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In a report released today, Oxfam urged the Haitian Government and countries that have pledged money for rebuilding to accelerate reconstruction of the country.

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The crisis in Pakistan is far from over and could get worse, international aid agency Oxfam warned today, six months after the nation’s devastating floods.

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A devastating earthquake left Haiti's capital in ruins one year ago. Oxfam's Yolette Etienne describes what her country needs to recover: patience, dreams, and hard work.

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Oxfam's prototype gabion house is built from rubble. Credit: Kenny Rae/Oxfam

In a report released today, Oxfam called on the Haitian authorities, with support from the international community, to move forward on plans to start rebuilding the shattered country and enable close to one million people still living in tents and under tarpaulins to resettle or return home.

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