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Loading sacks of flour onto a truck at a flour market in Kabul April 14, 2008. Impoverished Afghans struggling with rising wheat prices are not expected to get relief with food prices soon, a UN official said. REUTERS/Ahmad Masood courtesy alertnet.org

President Obama has the opportunity to chart a new course for US policy in Afghanistan by taking the urgent steps needed to reverse the slide into a major humanitarian crisis.

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Today, aid agencies and human rights groups working in Gaza called on Israel, Hamas and other Palestinian militant groups to pull back from the brink of an all-out military confrontation.

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A consignment of 25 tons of aid bound for the Democratic Republic of Congo. The $250,000 (£172,000) worth of aid includes water and sanitation equipment and plastic sheeting and is enough for more than 30,000 people.  Credit: Ian Bray/Oxfam

International agency Oxfam today accuses European member states of turning their backs on the suffering of the people in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The crisis in DRC is horrendous for hundreds of thousands of people displaced due to the unabated violence.

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Oxfam welcomes the UN Security Council resolution to authorize an additional 3,000 troops and police for the UN peacekeeping force, MONUC. However the EU must also send reinforcements now to help ensure effective protection of civilians.

Staff help to carry aid for displaced people, in UN House, South Sudan.

Oxfam is gravely concerned about the growing humanitarian crisis across South Sudan and neighboring countries. Recent agreements are a sign of political progress, but the parties now must honor their commitments and put an end to hostilities.


When communities get caught in the cross-fire, they suffer. Innocent lives are lost. People are forced to flee from their homes. Living a normal life becomes impossible.

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Etienne Hakizimana (left), his daughter Christian Tuamini (center, age 12), and his wife Dusabe Dukundane, in their family run shop in Magunga IDP camp in Goma. Credit: Liz Lucas/Oxfam America

The major shift in global power provides an opportunity to protect all civilians from genocide and other atrocities, said international agency Oxfam in a new report published today.

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When communities get caught in the cross-fire, they suffer. Innocent lives are lost. These images tell the story of why we campaign on conflict and emergencies.

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