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Today, hundreds of millions of people don't get enough food to eat. Using examples from India we find out the reasons why we all need to fix the system which supplies the world with food, and the changes that can be made to ensure everyone has enough to eat.

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A major health insurance scheme in Ghana that the World Bank is pushing as a success model for other developing countries is severely flawed and not working for most Ghanaians, according to a new report by international agency Oxfam and Ghanaian NGOs.

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Oxfam Ambassadors, Annie Lennox, Kristin Davis, Angelique Kidjo and Scarlett Johansson and invite you to celebrate the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day, on 8 March 2011 and make it a catalyst for positive change.

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Fishing in Bangladesh. Credit: Ami Vitale/Oxfam

Mamtaz Begum (35) lives in the village of South Tetulbaria near to the Bay of Bengal. This village relies on fishing but the changing climate is threatening this way of life, and without fishing, there is little else for them to eat. She explains her story.

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More than two-thirds (72%) of activists working on women’s projects around the world say ending violence against women must be the top priority for the new UN Women agency, according to a new report published today by Oxfam and VSO.

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Credit: Louise Hancock/Oxfam

Afghan girls still face many barriers to receiving an education. The quality of education is highly variable, school conditions are often poor and nearly half a million girls who are enrolled do not regularly attend school. Girls and teachers explain their situation.

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Shawl, quilt and sweater distribution. Credit: Jane Beesley

In September we visited women in the small village of Jarray who had just started to make shawls as part of the Cash for Work and winterization programs. Two months on, we asked them what they had spent their money on and what they thought about the program.

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