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The Phon family work farm their rice paddy in Kompong Thom, central Cambodia. Credit: Abbie Trayler-Smith/Oxfam

We ranked the Summit against five key criteria and found that not one was fully achieved, as delegates left Rome without tackling many of the biggest challenges of food security and agriculture.

Press Release
Members of an Ethiopian cereal bank supported by Oxfam show a sampling of the corn they have been able to save. Credit: Sara Livingston/Oxfam America

The UN could drastically reduce the 24,000 deaths occurring daily around the world from hunger-related causes, provided countries agree that it coordinates all the different initiatives to fight hunger.

Press Release
Two piles of rice illustrating the effect of the 2008 food crisis in Cambodia. A small pile shows how your money buys after, a larger pile how much it would buy before the crisis. Credit: Abbie Trayler-Smith/Oxfam

Monday’s UN World Food Summit in Rome (16-18th) could be a waste of time and money unless world leaders intervene now to salvage it. International agencies ActionAid and Oxfam say governments are at risk of throwing away a great chance to stop more than one billion people going hungry.

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