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To help raise funds for Oxfam's response to the Haiti earthquake, actress Scarlett Johansson has designed a handbag. Part of the profits will be donated to Intermon Oxfam.

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Chris Martin in Haiti in front of a truck in February 2002. Credit: Zed Nelson

Coldplay singer Chris Martin has joined Oxfam’s call for funds to help those affected by the devastating earthquake in Haiti.

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Women are bearing the brunt of the climate burden. That's why they must have their voices heard in a global agreement that affects them so much, says Helena Christensen.

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Model and photographer Helena Christensen recently returned to Peru to document the dramatic effects that climate change is having on people today. Here are the pictures.

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19 global figures join Oxfam in a call to tackle climate change

Actor Scarlett Johansson, broadcaster Sir David Attenborough, Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu and singer-songwriter Angelique Kidjo are among 19 global figures to join Oxfam in a call to tackle climate change with the urgency it deserves.


Watch as Scarlett Johansson, will.i.am, Annie Lennox, and some more names you might recognize, explain how we are the generation that can bring an end to extreme poverty.

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A number of Oxfam’s high profile ambassadors called on G8 leaders to urgently respond to global poverty challenges, starting with a boost in funds for climate change, the food crisis and development aid.

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