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This year, eight women from around the world will join together to fight for health and education in their own countries.

Press Release
Rokeya Kabir is the convener of the My Rights campaign in Bangladesh: a national platform that puts pressure on the government to ensure primary education for all children. Credit: Mahmud Map

Eight women from poor countries around the world, uniting as the “W8”, today demanded that G8 leaders take action to prevent the deaths of half a million women every year in childbirth.

Policy Paper

Vanuatu Rural Development and Training Association, an Oxfam partner, is supporting centres to provide new skills to youths. The centre has helped many youths that can’t afford a complete education to be self-reliant and to get paid jobs.

AIDS orphan Fanny Jeofry. Photo: Abbie Trayler-Smith/Oxfam

Oxfam challenges trade organizations, governments, drug companies, and others to make decisions that will help to improve the health of millions of poor people by providing access to affordable generic medicines.

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