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Ahead of a crucial meeting this Friday in Brussels to decide the fate of the proposed EU food crisis package, leading anti-poverty campaigners expressed their concern that no new resources will be used to address the situation of rising levels of hunger in the world.

Press Release
Women wading through flood water with their children West Midinapur, West Bengal. Credit: Anisa Draboo/Oxfam

Oxfam welcomed today’s vote by the European Parliament’s Environment Committee on the ETS Directive to use 50% of the auctioning revenues generated from the emission permits for developing countries to tackle climate change via an international fund.

Press Release

Oxfam welcomed today’s vote by the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE committee) to reduce the EU’s ambitious targets for biofuels in transport fuel but would have liked it to go further by dropping biofuels from the renewable energy directive altogether.

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Cotton processed at the Cañete-Mala Processing Plant owned by ANPAL (Nati: onal Association of Cotton Producers). Credit: Renato Guimarães/Oxfam

RTAs are being negotiated between rich countries and poor countries, and deals are being pushed through at unreasonable pace and with unfair rules, leaving poor countries without the time or the space to develop the best trade policies for their people.

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