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A tomato plant being sown on a camellon in Loma Suarez. Credit: Mark Chilvers

Bolivia will be battered on five fronts by climate change, according to a new report published by Oxfam International today. The report underlines what is at stake at UN climate talks in Barcelona and an EU-US Summit in Washington today.

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During the food security crisis in Niger in 2005. Photo: Carlo Heathcote/Oxfam

Small farmers, big companies, developing countries.... Here we try to make sense of the pressing global food prices crisis.

Press Release

Millions of Afghans face food shortages; mortality rates for women and children could rise – With Afghanistan’s bitter winter drawing nearer, international agency Oxfam warned today that time is running out to avert a humanitarian crisis, with funding urgently needed.

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Tanzanian women in Mtamba, Tanzania. Credit: Aubrey Wade/Oxfam

Today’s biofuel policies are not solving the climate or fuel crises but are instead contributing to food insecurity and inflation, hitting poor people hardest.

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