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The Sisters on the Planet are amazing women from very different parts of the world. They face unique challenges but together are finding solutions to fight climate change.

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Helena Christensen talks to Jusina Pumasumpa and Elizabath Ayama about the effects of cliamte change on the Highlands at and Oxfam reforestation project in Anta, Peru. Credit: Jason Mcdonald/Oxfam

Model and photographer Helena Christensen has returned to her Peruvian roots, her mother's native country, to document the dramatic effects that climate change is having on people today.


Oxfam Global Ambassador and actor Gael Garcia Bernal joins other global citizens, as they support Oxfam's tck tck tck Climate Change Campaign.

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A Bangladeshi family travel to safety place as flood water enters new areas after the cyclone Aila hit in the south-west parts at Harinagar, Satkhira, Bangladesh 28 May 2009. Credit: EPA/Abir Abdullah

As the US and China intensify discussions on climate change, Oxfam International urges EU countries to put aside national interests and step up their leadership role.

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Women wearing the masks of G8 leaders join climate change protest in Dhaka. Credit: Caroline Gluck/Oxfam

Climate negotiations need to move much faster if a global deal is to be secured in time for the crucial December deadline agreed by all the world’s countries. Negotiators at UN talks in Bonn in Germany from 1st to 12th June will debate the draft text of a global deal for the first time

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The increasingly unpredictable climate and successive poor rains have left the animals of the Maasai pastoralists of northern Tanzania, too weak to provide milk, blood and meat. Credit: Ami Vitale/Oxfam

Oxfam attended the World Business Summit on Climate Change in Copenhagen, to get them to push governments for more ambition and specific targets to tackle climate change. The Summit reported back on May 26 with a disappointing result.

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A rice farmer in Vietnam. Credit: Duong Thuy Nga/Oxfam

Leaders of the world’s major economies meeting in Washington must urgently address the action rich countries will take on global warming in order to revitalize international climate talks and tackle the serious climate impacts facing vulnerable developing countries.

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Local people rebuild the river embankment which protects their village, Kholishabunia, near Gabura, Shatkhira district, Bangladesh.

In six years time the number of people affected by climatic crises is projected to rise by 54 per cent to 375 million people, threatening to overwhelm the humanitarian aid system.

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