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In the Democratic Republic of Congo, Oxfam's work combines short-term emergency relief with longer-term development projects. These photos show a part of our wide range of activities in eastern DRC, including: livelihoods programs; support for small-scale farmers; water, sanitation and health; and, training for women's committees.

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People building half-moon structures on bare soil.

Half moon shaped irrigation channels help preserve water when it next rains. And by building them, Nigerien families earn an income to get through the hungry months until then.

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Oxfam handed out vouchers to families in Flinigue, Aug2010. Caroline Gluck/Oxfam

According to a recent field study conducted in communities in western and eastern Niger, between 70 and 90 per cent of people estimate their food stocks will run out before the next harvest, creating an imminent ‘hunger gap’.

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In 2012 countries across the Sahel region are once again facing a serious food crisis. This ecologically fragile region is becoming increasingly vunerable to insufficient rainfall, and fluctuating animal and food prices that are affecting millions of pastoral and agro-pastoralists across this region of Africa.

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It has been six months since the 2011-12 monsoon rains caused severe flooding in Sindh, affecting nearly five million people. Oxfam is there, helping people rebuild their lives.

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Photograph taken by an evictee in Uganda, as they are chased from their land.

Thousands of the world’s poorest people are losing their homes and livelihoods as a result of a new wave of land deals. Sign up to tackle this difficult and complicated issue and we’ll give you exclusive information to help you to stop land grabs and GROW justice.

Davy Libongani. Credit: Nina Mukubesa/Oxfam

Well-regarded by fellow villagers because of his building skills, bricklayer Davy Libongani was nominated to become a Private Service Provider and to work on Oxfam’s water and sanitation project in the district.

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