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Aid groups urge the U.S. government, the bank and hawala merchants to work together to find a cooperative solution that will not disrupt or delay the transfer of assistance from the Diaspora to Somalia.

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People waiting to receive aid items at IFO reception center at Dadaab. Photo: Jo

European Commissioner for Humanitarian Affairs Kristalina Georgieva endorsed today a Charter, launched by leading agencies, to make deadly food crises like the one gripping East Africa a thing of the past.

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Africans Act 4 Africa #lastfamine press event. Photo: Oxfam

Nairobi: African singers, TV personalities, activists and citizens have come together today to call on people across Africa to use social media this weekend in a day of action to end hunger in the continent.

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Women collecting water, Ethiopia. Photo: Oxfam

For many of the more than 13 million people affected by the drought and food crisis in East Africa, the short October-to-December rains signal a shift in need and are likely to lead to increased requirements for health, shelter and water, sanitation, and hygiene services.

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Asha collects water in Lafole, Somalia, supplied by Oxfam & SAACID. Photo: Oxfam

The new escalation in fighting and insecurity along the Kenya-Somalia border risks increasing the suffering for civilians already devastated by drought and conflict, international agency Oxfam said today, three months since famine was announced in Somalia.

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Oxfam's Caroline Gluck reports from inside Somalia. Oxfam is working with partners in and around Mogadishu to deliver clean water, sanitation, and therapeutic feeding to malnourished children.

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Scarlett Johansson talks to Paulina Natir, Kenya. Photo: Andy Hall/Oxfam

This week, Oxfam Ambassador Actress Scarlett Johansson visited Kenya to see the devastating impact of the drought in East Africa. More than 13 million people are at risk because of a severe drought that has hit parts of Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia. In Somalia, the crisis has escalated to a famine.

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