Stop the killing in the Congo

Crisis in Congo: a new approach is needed

The crisis in Congo is often known as the ‘forgotten conflict’, yet it is a war that has killed over 5 million people. We need your help right now to help ensure the UN peacekeepers in Congo get a new strong mandate to protect civilians from violence.

Thank you to the thousands of you who signed and promoted this petition.

The petition is now closed. We will deliver the names to the UN Security Council on Wednesday, November 25, and will post an update soon after that.

Here's the situation, and why action is needed right now:

The Congolese military recently launched a military offensive in the east, with the goal to disarm a rebel militia (FDLR) by force. It is important that the rebels are disarmed, but this military strategy is doing more harm than good. The rebels are increasing attacks on civilians, and so are the poorly disciplined Congolese army who are looting villages and raping women. .

Girl in IDP camp, DRC. Credit: OxfamFor every FDLR combatant disarmed, roughly:

  • one Congolese civilian has been killed,
  • seven women and girls raped,
  • six houses burned and destroyed, and
  • 1,000 people forced to flee their homes.

Watch this video on the situation in Congo.

This counterproductive strategy is being supported by the international community, and it puts UN peacekeepers in the preposterous situation where they are supporting an army that is attacking its own population, attacks which are contributing to a massive humanitarian catastrophe.

We want the international community to stop backing a strategy which is devastating ordinary people's lives.

In the beginning of December the UN will be renewing the mandate of the peacekeeping force in Congo – MONUC. It is crucial that the UN peacekeepers in Congo have a strong mandate focused on protecting civilians from violence, not contributing to the escalating humanitarian crisis.

Our petition was to show the UN that ordinary people from around the world don’t want UN peacekeepers to be part of escalating the humanitarian crisis.

Oxfam and other organizations are calling for the international community to stop backing this disastrous military strategy. We aim to pressure the UN Security Council to work with the government of Congo to pursue a political as well as a military solution and to ensure that the Congolese national army are disciplined, accountable and complying with their obligation to protect civilians.

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