Oxfam responds to fresh flooding in Pakistan (slideshow)

Oxfam is responding with humanitarian aid to those affected by fresh flooding in Sindh province in Pakistan. This is the second year of flooding in Pakistan, and many of those affected had not fully recovered from last year’s mega-floods.

Some 8.9 million people have been affected by the floods in Pakistan. More than 6.8 million acres of land have been flooded and 2.2 million acres of standing crops have been destroyed.


How Oxfam is responding

Oxfam aims to reach about 1,435,000 people affected by the flooding.

Oxfam is supplying clean water and sanitation to the most affected districts of Sindh province, while rescue and evacuation operations have been carried out in Sanghar, Tando Allahyar, Umerkot.

Oxfam also has plans to help people get access to food and is developing projects to help people earn a living.

Slow repairs to river embankments and other protective measures after last year’s flooding had made the population more vulnerable to this year’s flooding.

Oxfam is calling on international donor government support

Photos: Tariq Masood Malik/Oxfam

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