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Oxfam media officers are based around the globe. They can:

  • Link you up with spokespeople who can provide expert comment and analysis on all issues related to Oxfam's GROW campaign in a range of different languages
  • Put you in touch with poor communities who live with the consequences of the broken food system and environmental crisis and are at forefront of efforts to find solutions
  • Provide access to a wealth of case studies, pictures and videos
Press Release | 3 June 2014

Russia’s absence from the G7 summit is a stark warning to Europe that political turmoil on its doorstep risks an energy price crisis, at the same time as the effects of climate change on food imports could drive up costs.

Press Release | 18 February 2014

Some of Europe’s biggest film stars came together to launch today a new short film Future News, directed by David Yates, which brings to light the enormous potential of a Robin Hood Tax.

Press Release | 17 October 2013

European aid to poor countries is stalling two years ahead of the UN Millennium Development Goals deadline, with aid cut or stagnant in 19 member states, reveals the new Concord AidWatch report.

Press Release | 12 September 2013

If left unchecked, austerity policies could put between 15 and 25 million more Europeans at risk of poverty by 2025, bringing the number of people at risk of poverty in Europe up to 146 million.

Press Release | 21 June 2013

Little will be done to curb harmful food speculation today as EU finance ministers meet to approve their position on the new Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) – which sets new regulations for financial markets. According to a broad coalition of environmental and development organizations, loopholes in the legislation will render it ineffective to prevent food speculation, and the resulting food price spikes that hit the poorest the hardest.

Media Reaction | 13 June 2014
At today’s meeting of EU Energy Ministers, a debate was held on the 2030 European Climate and Energy Package as well as the Energy Security...
Media Reaction | 13 June 2014
At today’s EU Energy Ministers Council, Ministers approved a proposal to amend the EU’s Renewable Energy Directive and Fuel Quality...
Media Reaction | 26 May 2014
Today the shape of the new European Parliament was revealed, with the results marred by weak turnout and a rise of Eurosceptic votes....
Media Reaction | 6 May 2014
Today Finance Ministers from EU countries which agreed to implement a Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) this year reached a vague initial...
Media Reaction | 21 March 2014
Hier, après cinq ans d'obstruction, le Luxembourg et l'Autriche ont enfin accepté d'augmenter la quantité d'information partagées...