EU Finance Ministers’ meeting

- Ministers are expected to discuss the enhanced cooperation procedure on the Financial Transactions Tax, whereby nine or more member states can go ahead with the FTT without the need for all 27 member states to do so. Following the presentation by the European Commission of the draft authorisation decision for the enhanced cooperation procedure on the FTT on 23rd October, a vote on the decision could take place. The 27 EU Member States will vote according to the Qualified Majority Voting system. - Ministers will also agree the EU position for the upcoming round of UN climate change talks in Doha end November. Ministers must provide clarity to ensure climate finance does not fall off a cliff once ‘fast start finance’ runs out at the end of 2012. The EU should at least commit to deliver money for 2013-2015, which is new and additional to aid budgets, to help poor countries cope with climate impacts and curb emissions, with a significant part going through the Green Climate Fund, set up at the UN talks in Cancún in 2010.
13 November, 2012