Oxfam statement on G8 Africa Communique

Published: 17 July 2006

After reviewing the G8's own performance report on the Gleneagles package for Africa, Oxfam released this reaction and commentary on the first year assessment of the Gleneagles pledges.

“There has been progress on Africa in the last year but it is far from substantial, despite what the G8 leaders said today. We’re pleased that they’ve agreed to regular performance reviews on Africa and we hope they can give the world a performance to be proud of in Germany next year,” said Max Lawson, Policy Advisor, Oxfam.To raise their game before next year, G8 leaders should:

  • expand debt cancellation to all African countries that need it to fight poverty

  • substantially increase the quality and quantity of their aid and stop double-counting debt cancellation as aid

  • expand and fully finance the Global Fund and Fast Track Initiative and provide long-term, predictable financing for teachers and health workers in developing countries

  • fully finance an expanded peacekeeping force for Darfur - a minimum of 20,000 peacekeepers - and increase their commitments to the Central Emergencies Revolving Fund

  • the US, Italy, Canada, Germany and Japan must immediately ratify the UN Convention on Corruption and the entire G8 must agree to a robust monitoring system to ensure compliance.

The Africa report can be found on the G8 Summit website.



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