Oxfam verdict on St. Petersburg G8 Summit

Published: 17 July 2006

Apart from last year's breakthrough on debt cancellation, the G8 is failing to live up to its promises on aid and trade. We are continuing to urge leaders to follow through on their commitments made last year.

We will continue active campaigning to press German chancellor Angela Merkel to devote considerable attention to poverty at the next G8. Poverty worldwide and in Africa in particular requires consistent and urgent attention.

Oxfam spokespeople released the following statements at the conclusion of the 2006 St. Petersburg G8 Summit:

This year's Summit

Max Lawson, Oxfam spokesperson said: "By downplaying the fight against poverty, the G8 ignored the world's most critical crisis, one that will kill 11 million children by the time they next meet."

"Next year Chancellor Merkel must put the fight against poverty at the heart of the G8 agenda. Ending poverty is a race against time. This year the G8 were jogging in circles; Chancellor Merkel must make sure they are sprinting for the finish line in Germany next year."

Germany in 2007

Joern Kalinski, Oxfam spokesperson said: "The world has the resources to end poverty within a generation. Chancellor Merkel must ensure that the G8 rise to the challenge of the age and do what they have promised. If Chancellor Merkel will bring her coalition-building talents to bear on the issue of our age, we know the G8 can meet their promises to the poor in 2007."


Irungu Houghton, Oxfam spokesperson said: "If the G8 leaders continue to drag their feet on their promises to Africa, the 36 million people who demanded action last year will not forgive them. G8 action on poverty in Africa is not optional it is mandatory. It must be top of the agenda for Merkel next year and every year until we make poverty history."


Mark Fried, Oxfam spokesperson said: "The US and Europe did not deliver the dramatic move needed to save the WTO talks from collapse. The WTO talks are on the road to nowhere and the G8 leaders couldn't find the map."

Progress on Promises

Max Lawson, Oxfam spokesperson said: "The G8 leaders have delivered debt cancellation, but the aid and support to peacekeeping they promised has yet to arrive, and the deal on trade which benefits poor people is further away than ever. They must do more, and they must do it now."

Contact Information

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