East Africa food crisis - Updates

21 September 2011
The world must put people’s lives before politics if is to stand any chance of aiding people suffering from the famine in Somalia, a group of 20 aid agencies said today in an open letter. While aid is getting through in many areas, it is not at the scale needed.
Women & children wait to be seen by medical staff. Photo: Caroline Gluck/Oxfam
15 September 2011
Here is another in our series of videos to take you inside Oxfam's response to East Africa food crisis. Alice Mwanda shows us how she organizes getting trucks of equipment delivered to the camp, as well as managing the challenge of being a woman giving direction to men.
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9 September 2011
It's a race against time to get water equipment constructed before refugees arrive in a new camp, Hilaweyn. Oxfam's Jane Beesley meets a shipment of aid from the UK as it lands in Ethiopia.
Oxfam aid on its way to Hilaweyn camp, Ethiopia. Photo: Jane Beesley/Oxfam
8 September 2011
As East African leaders gather in Nairobi today to take part in a regional summit to end drought emergencies in the Horn of Africa, Oxfam says governments must take on greater responsibility and accountability in responding to the disaster.
26 August 2011
It takes a lot of dedication, patience and attention to details to make sure that latrines are looked after in Dadaab, the world's largest refugee complex. Agnes Mandela, Oxfam Hygiene Promotion Assistant explains.
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25 August 2011
Rising food prices and a lack of political will has affected how millions of people across the world have been breaking their fasts during the holy month of Ramadan.
Breaking the Ramadan fast in Bangladesh. Photo: Andrew Biraj/Oxfam
23 August 2011
Oxfam has airlifted 47 tons of vital water supply and hygiene materials to Somalia's capital Mogadishu, as we scale up our humanitarian response to the East Africa food crisis.
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22 August 2011
The region of Turkana in the North of Kenya has gone for over five years without a good rain capable of making the grazing lands grow enough grass to feed the region’s livestock, its sole source of economic livelihood.
Women facing severe drought, Turkana, Kenya. Photo: Irina Fuhrmann/Oxfam
19 August 2011
This how much hard work goes into making sure that refugees across Dadaab, Kenya have easier access to water.
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