Children play in the snow with an abandoned tank. Photo: Gulbuddin Elham/Oxfam

Afghanistan at a Crossroads

Recommendations for the UN Security Council on the 2014 UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) mandate

Published: 31 January 2014
Steph Cousins, Humanitarian Advocacy Lead, Oxfam Australia, and co-Chair of the ACFID Afghanistan Working Group

As Afghanistan prepares for presidential elections and the withdrawal of international forces, insecurity continues to spread across the country, with a devastating impact on civilians.

UNAMA’s role in advancing human rights, supporting humanitarian access and promoting peace and reconciliation efforts must be strengthened – particularly as they relate to the agenda on women, peace and security in Afghanistan. It is critical that the significant gains that have been made in the last decade are not lost.

This briefing outlines the key concerns of civil society organizations in Afghanistan and puts forward suggested action for the consideration of UN Security Council members.


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