The students presented a complimentary flag to Oxfam Hong Kong. Credit: Oxfam Hong Kong
The relief phase is complete, but rehabilitation has only just started.

China earthquake: Three months on

“Our current focus is on planning medium- and long-term recovery.”
John Sayer
Director General of Oxfam Hong Kong
Published: 25 August 2008

Three months after the 12 May earthquake that shattered large areas of Gansu, Shaanxi and Sichuan, Oxfam Hong Kong announced that it has helped survivors in 105 townships and villages and supervised the delivery of HK$20,138,057 (USD$2.58m) worth of supplies into the hands of over 611,522 people, mainly women, the elderly, children, ethnic minorities, and people with disabilities. As of 11 August, Oxfam had received HK$136,998,787.15 ($17.5m) in donations.

Oxfam's response has entered the rehabilitation phase, and the agency’s current focus is on planning medium- and long-term recovery. With the government’s recommendations, we will be launching long-term integrated community development projects in particular sites. In designing and managing these projects, our work approach includes participation from communities and integrating disaster preparedness elements into these projects.

Oxfam's five-year plan for Sichuan and Gansu estimates a budget of HK$130 million ($16.65m), which includes:


  • Over HK$3,600,000 for building temporary schools
  • Over HK$42,000,000 for reconstructing roads and water supply systems
  • HK$36,750,000 for assisting poor communities to restart their farming and other ways of earning a living
  • Over HK$20,000,000 for emergency relief supplies and other humanitarian assistance
  • Over HK$5,200,000 for long-term development projects with locally based partner organizations


  • HK$10,000,000 for 16 permanent schools, with earthquake-resistant techniques developed by Lanzhou University
  • HK$18,000,000 for livelihoods recovery, road reconstruction and water supply systems

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