Demanding Justice: Oxfam Strategic Plan, 2007-2012

Demanding justice – our central commitment

We are outraged by the poverty and injustice in the world. We must challenge unjust policies and practices and we must respect people's rights. Together we can achieve a just world without poverty.

Read the Oxfam Strategic Plan, "Demanding Justice" 2007-2012 (pdf 1.8MB).

This Strategic Plan outlines the joint work that we will do over the next six years as Oxfam working together with our partners and allies. Each Oxfam affiliate has its own plan and these are aligned to this overarching Oxfam Strategic Plan.

Oxfam is committed to supporting women, men and children, living in poverty, to claim their rights to sustainable livelihoods, to basic social services, to life and security, to be heard, and to an identity.

Within this framework we will work together as Oxfam on narrower Change Goals – the specific things we are trying to achieve in 2007 - 2012. The Change Goals are:

  • Economic justice
  • Essential services
  • Rights in crisis
  • Gender justice

Our humanitarian aid, long-term development programs, campaigning, advocacy and Fair Trade activities will contribute toward these Change Goals and to make a positive difference to people's lives.

Building on our learning

This is Oxfam's third strategic plan.

The first, "Towards an Ever-closer Union" (1998 - 2000), described the institutional foundation for the development and growth of Oxfam International.

The second, "Towards Global Equity" (2001 - 2006) established economic and social rights as the basis of Oxfam's work by proposing that managed market economies and fairer rules for global trade could reduce poverty. It proposed to strengthen Oxfam's humanitarian response capacity and position Oxfam as part of a global campaigning force for change.

This Plan "Demanding Justice" (2007 - 2012), builds on the first two plans but puts a greater emphasis on the need to address growing inequality and to empower people living in poverty, particularly  women, as a prerequisite to achieving Oxfam's five rights-based aims.

Oxfam is committed to grow and develop as a professional learning organization. Take a few minutes to read the Oxfam Strategic Plan booklet and you'll see what we will be working on together during this Plan period.

Making sense of 'Demanding Justice'

Making Sense of 'Demanding Justice': A Review of Progress against Commitments in Oxfam International’s 2007-12 Strategic Plan (pdf, 1MB)

This document is the result of an effort to try and make sense of Oxfam’s progress as outlined in the Oxfam International Strategic Plan 2007-2012, “Demanding Justice”. Its purpose is to provoke curiosity, raise questions, tease out patterns and prompt reflection.

Making Sense of Demanding Justice: A Review of Progress against Commitments in Oxfam International’s 2007-12 Strategic Plan
Oxfam Management Response
(pdf, 169kb)

We will use the 'Making Sense' review as a baseline to assess our progress, with regular reviews, over the next plan period (2013-19). The review has provided important insights and Oxfam is in the process of acting upon or will act upon the key findings.