Indian women working in their garden, Uttar Pradesh. Credit: Rajendra Shaw/Oxfam
Men and women across the world depend on rural areas for their income.

What needs to be done

The situation is very complex. What happens to farmers and agricultural workers varies from country to country. Nonetheless, there are some common solutions:

  • National governments should act now to reduce food insecurity.
  • Donors, international institutions and national governments must invest in agriculture, including support for small-scale farmers.
  • National governments must put the creation of decent work opportunities in rural areas at the center of their policy to support waged agricultural workers.
  • Governments should recognize the key role played by women producers and workers and pay special attention their needs. Investing in their livelihoods will help to reduce poverty and increase productivity, as well as promote gender justice.
  • Allow space for national trade policies to manage rural development.
  • Support the organizations of the rural poor, including women who are farmers and agricultural laborers.