Civil society and COP 17

Across the world people are coming together to demand that our leaders take action now to curb harmful emissions and pay to help countries adapt to climate change.

In Africa, where this year’s UN Climate Conference is taking place, many people, especially women, rely on being able to grow their own food to survive. But changing rainfall patterns, longer and more severe droughts, floods and rising temperatures are having a devastating impact on their lives.

People from across the continent are coming together in all sorts of exciting and creative ways to demand that their leaders take action on climate change.

Rural women of South Africa speak out on climate change

At the Rural Women’s Assembly in Pretoria, women from South Africa came together to demand action from their leaders. Take a look at their film. They will join with their sisters across Africa for a regional Rural Women’s Caucus at this COP.

Follow the Caravan of Hope

The Trans-African Caravan of Hope is travelling from Burundi to Durban to tell the African story about climate change, and highlighting the demands of African people. We’ll be updating you in the build up to COP about what the caravan is getting up to but you can follow its progress here.

View The Trans African Caravan of Hope in a larger map - This map is courtesy of Action Aid

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