Farmers try to plant through the ongoing drought. Credit: James Akena/OXFAM.
Shifting seasons are destroying harvests and causing widespread hunger.

Suffering the Science: linking climate change and poverty

Shifting seasons are destroying harvests and causing widespread hunger – but this is just one of the multiple climate change impacts taking their toll on the world’s poorest people.

We published our report Suffering the Science: Climate Change, People and Poverty this week, ahead of the G8 Summit in Italy, where climate change and food security are high on the agenda, as a warning. Without immediate action 50 years of development gains in poor countries will be permanently lost. Climate-related hunger could be the defining human tragedy of this century.

'Suffering the Science' outlines evidence of how climate change is affecting every issue linked to poverty and development today including: hunger, agriculture, health, labor, water, disasters and displacement.

Here are some examples of the effects of Climate Change in developing countries:


Families cope with Climate Change along the coast of El Salvador


Zambia’s extended flooding season


China: "I want more rain": the human cost of climate change in China