Elba Rivera-Urbina of the W8. Credit: German Antonia Miranda
Eight extraordinary women. One unique voice. Demanding Health and Education for all

W8: Time to join together

Eight women from around the world joined together to form the W8.

These extraordinary women from Central America, Africa, Europe and South East Asia, have dedicated their lives to fighting for health and education in their own countries.

They have one message and one voice: Universal access to free health and education is the most effective way to reach the Millennium Development Goals and break the cycle of poverty.

In March 2010, members of the W8 travelled to Canada and various EU member states to bring the voice of their communities to the attention of world leaders and to explain the pressing need for more access to health and education in poor countries.

Throughout their tour, they met with Heads of State, Members of the EU Parliament, and national ministers in Canada, UK, France, The Netherlands, Belgium and Spain. During these meetings, the W8 called for more effort to be placed into meeting the Millennium Development Goals by 2015.

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The cost of inaction

There has been some improvement, but there is a long way to go before health and education is available, accessible and affordable for all. If we don't invest in basic services for the poorest people, many more lives will be needlessly lost.

  • Every three seconds a child dies from a preventable disease.
  • Every minute a woman dies in childbirth or pregnancy.
  • Around the world, 72 million children don’t go to school. Most of those are girls.
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