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Trade robs poor people of a proper living, and keeps them trapped in poverty. How? Watch these interactive diagrams.



27 January 2012

As the 18th African Union Summit starts in Addis Ababa, civil society organizations from across Africa are concerned that the summit’s central theme, “Boosting Intra- African Trade,“ risks being overshadowed and will not get the focus needed to tackle this urgent issue.

28 February 2011

International agency Oxfam today called for a radical shake up of the Food Aid Convention, being negotiated in London this week (week of 28 February), to ensure the burgeoning number of hungry people in the world get the predictable, timely and appropriate aid they need.

31 August 2009

The United States today has lost a battle in its dispute over cotton subsidies with Brazil at the World Trade Organization (WTO), said international organization Oxfam.

16 July 2009

World trade rules will not be reformed in the interests of poor countries despite this month’s G8+5’s commitment to finalize the stagnant Doha trade talks by 2010.

8 July 2009

We've reviewed and analyzed the G8 Communique from Day 1 of the Summit, and here's our take.

In depth

In depth

How is the 2011 food price crisis affecting poor people?
21 June 2011
Much achieved, more to do
15 June 2011
International investment treaties, state-investor disputes and access to food, land and water
3 June 2011
Women workers in a plum packing line, Chile. Credit: Toby Adamson/Oxfam

Trade generates incredible wealth, and links the lives of everyone on the planet. However, millions of people in poor countries are losing out because the rules controlling trade heavily favour the rich nations that set the rules.

Coffee farmer Gemede Robe.

Aware of Starbucks’ status as a global brand interested in maintaining its socially responsible reputation, Oxfam used grassroots activism and strategic media to draw attention to the issue. Now, Ethiopian farmers coaxed a groundbreaking agreement out of Starbucks.

Cotton harvest in fields, near Fana. Photo: Helen Palmer/Oxfam

Cotton subsidy reform could substantially improve the welfare of over one million West African households—10 million people.

FRUSAN: checking the plums for blemishes, cracks, ripeness etc. Credit: Toby Adamson/Oxfam

Chile has seen an overall growth in its economy but behind this success story, there are some heavy costs. Regional trade agreements have thrown the workers further into poverty.