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Millions of the world’s poorest people will face devastation from today’s rocketing food prices because the global food system is fatally flawed and policy-makers can’t find the courage to fix it. Developing countries are bracing themselves for the worst.

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A woman and two children in a makeshift camp. Photo: Marie Cacace/Oxfam

Millions of people in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo are now at the mercy of militias as the country's long-running conflict descends into widespread lawlessness with killing, kidnapping and abuse against the population at alarming levels.

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Aissatou Kanle with his family and Bonnie Wright. Photo: Harry Borden /Oxfam

Last week, British actor Bonnie Wright, best known for her role in the Harry Potter films, travelled to Senegal with Oxfam to draw attention to the growing humanitarian crisis in the country and to the wider food crisis across the Sahel region of West Africa.

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A man and his children looking at their flooded home, Pakistan. Photo: Oxfam

Lack of funds and limited relief stocks will severely hamper the Pakistan government’s and aid agencies’ ability to respond to further flooding this monsoon season, a consortium of 51 international and more than 150 national humanitarian organisations warned today.

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Thousands of people are now seeking refuge in Kibati, Nyiragongo territory, on the outskirts of Goma, eastern DRC. Oxfam will be supplying water and sanitation to the community. The recent influx of internally displaced people here is the direct consequence of the conflict that continues to devastate the country.

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The fight to end the illegal and irresponsible arms trade goes on after delegates at the United Nations failed to reach consensus and agree an Arms Trade Treaty. Final text disappointing but not the end of the story.

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Malian musician Afel Bocoum who worked with Damon Albarn on Mali Music Unplugged describes the food crisis affecting his country and the wider Sahel region of West Africa.

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