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Control Arms photo stunt at the UN. Photo: Andrew Kelly/Oxfam

The Control Arms Coalition welcomed today’s signing of the Arms Trade Treaty by the United States.

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Muhammad's family fled Syria for Lebanon. Photo: Sam Tarling/Oxfam

New Oxfam research reveals that many donor countries are failing to provide their share of the urgently-needed funding for the humanitarian response to the Syria crisis.

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Daily power cuts in Gaza affect daily life in Gaza. Photo: Karl Schembri/Oxfam

The new Israel-Palestine negotiations must make up for 20 years of missed opportunity since the Oslo Accords. All parties must halt actions on the ground which continue to undermine the chance of peace.


Afghanistan is often described as one of the most dangerous countries for women, yet the country only has 1,551 female police officers—one for every 10,000 women.

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Further action is urgently needed to recruit, train, retain and protect Afghan female police officers. This is critical for upholding the rights of Afghan women and girls in Afghanistan.

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While the G20 have put their first nail in the coffin of corporate tax dodging, they squandered this chance to make progress towards a political solution to the Syria crisis, and have failed entirely to confront the growing problem of income inequality.

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Hussein Ammar, from Qusayr, Syria, reunited with his mother. Sam Tarling/Oxfam

World leaders attending the G20 summit must seize this opportunity and make real progress on helping find a political solution to the Syria crisis.

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