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A massive and poorly regulated global trade in weapons feeds armed conflict that threatens the security and rights of people around the world on a daily basis. Join the campaign to support a strong international Arms Trade Treaty.

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"A Short Film About GUNS" - which examines the unregulated arms trade and how an upcoming treaty negotiations can improve the situation globally – was picked up to be part of the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival.

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Fusil, DR Congo. Photo : Simon Rawles/Oxfam

Draft Arms Trade Treaty text littered with loopholes which need fixing urgently to save lives.

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Time for an Arms Trade Treaty

Governments pass UN resolution to hold major diplomatic conference next year with an unprecedented 157 'yes' votes, including China for the first time, 18 abstentions & 0 votes against.

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Infographic: 2 bullets for 1 person every year. Credit: Control Arms

A major diplomatic negotiation aiming to regulate the trade in weapons and ammunition is at risk of failing due to member states’ insistence to give every state the right to veto a future treaty, according to the Control Arms coalition.

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The fight to end the illegal and irresponsible arms trade goes on after delegates at the United Nations failed to reach consensus and agree an Arms Trade Treaty. Final text disappointing but not the end of the story.

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Control Arms stunt, New York. Photo: Andrew Kelly/Control Arms

Efforts to end the irresponsible and poorly-regulated international arms trade are at risk of failure, as negotiations at the United Nations enter a critical final week, campaigners warned today.

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