Health and Education


Ending the R&D Crisis in Public Health

Diseases that disproportionately affect the developing world cause immense suffering and ill health.

  • Medical innovation has the potential to deliver n

Failing Women, Withholding Protection

Policy makers lament women’s vulnerablity to HIV infection, yet for 15 years they have failed to utilise a technology which can help women to protect and empower themselves.


We believe every single child – that means girls as well as boys – has the right to a free, good-quality primary education. Why?

Because school helps children develop the skills they need to make themselves heard in the world, to make positive changes in their lives, and finally break free from poverty.

Yet basic education in poor countries is in crisis.


Fast Forward

Developing-country governments desperately need more long-term and predictable aid, given through their budgets, to finance the expansion of health care, education, and other vital s


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