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Poor countries are cutting back investment in farming, health service and services to help women because of fears about rising debts and the impact of the economic crisis, according to a new database launched today. 

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Adjitti Mahamat works in an Oxfam market garden in the Guera region of Chad, affected by drought. She eats the vegetables from this garden or sell them to essentially buy millet. She talks about how difficult it is to live with so little food.

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Villagers clean out drainage channels, Haiti. Photo: Chris Hufstader/Oxfam

A local mayor enlists support from Oxfam to address major flooding in his community in rural Haiti. Oxfam's Chris Hufstader reports from the ground.

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The election of a Director General of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) must kick start a new era for the organization if it is to play a leading role in the fight against high and volatile food prices and growing hunger, said Oxfam today.

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Farmers in Astuare region, Ghana. Photo: Chris Young

A broken food system and environmental crises are now reversing decades of progress against hunger according to new Oxfam analysis. Oxfam today launches a new global campaign for a hunger-free world.

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Credit: Irina Fuhrmann/Oxfam

According to a survey carried out by Oxfam, 55% of the families in the Abou Deia region, in Chad, have had to get into debt and close to 20% have been obliged to reduce their daily intake of food, because a food crisis caused by extreme weather.

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